Pattern Mixing

I was really hoping I could avoid this becoming a "once-in-a-while" blog. But it might have to. Especially at this time of year, outfit pictures are getting really hard. I decided to see if inside worked better, & I actually got a few okay pictures this time (minus the shoes...just imagine a black version of the boots in this post). You should know it was late when I took these. Lindsey looks a little sleepy. And I cut my head off in the first one (oops) but it was the only photo that showed a font view. I'll get better pictures next time. Promise! (:

I've definitely been busy though. I was cast as Kim MacAfee in Christian Youth Theater's production of Bye Bye Birdie (You can get tickets/info here!). Memorizing lines/songs/dances/blocking & rehearsing, finals week, acapella class, youth group/church, jazz choir, teaching Sunday School, homework & trying to squeeze in sleep keeps me just a tad busy. Haha.

Mixing patterns definitely isn't my strong suit. I'm afraid to come across too strong. And I go to a school where almost everyone's idea of style is a shirt splashed with a brand name across the front, paired with $200 jeans, so I have qualms about going over the top. But I decided it was about time, because I don't have enough solids to remix with everything.

The fun thing with this outfit remixing was that I was excited to be pairing to (kid of) opposite items. A dress and a dress shirt. I've been taking a lot of tips from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky for mixing prints. A lot of times I find myself standing in my closet, looking over every piece of clothing trying to find inspiration for an outfit. A lot of times, I see two like colors, or a patterned piece, with a separate solid piece and think, "Oh! That could work!" I'd say I end up liking it 60-70% of the time. Which is okay. (: One of my favorite things is having that eye-opening moment when you realize you have a shirt or cardigan that could make a bazillion outfit combinations. 

What I Wore
Shirt: Thrifted via Goodwill
Dress & tights: Forever 21
Hair band: shoelace from Payless

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