I have spent half my weekend cleaning my room, & I am proud to say::

My room looks awesome.

I love being in my room when it's all clean & tidy. It's like an oasis. A getaway. I curl up in my big chair & read, or jam out to my favorite spotify playlist. I love just being in my room & being alone, especially during the school week since I'm around loud, obnoxious people for seven & a half hours a day. We added on to our house last summer, & it's taken me awhile to get all the furniture & organization & arrangement done for my room. But it's almost there. I just have to get some art on my walls & then I'm finished. But it's pretty good for right now. 

In some ways I almost don't want to move out because I like my room so much. 

Just kidding.

Sort of. 

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