Ehhh I know I never use this anymore. But that's almost good because I can just post whatever I want & no one will see it. 

I'll probably just use this as an occasional photo diary.

These are some recentish instagram snaps I have floating around on my computer. 

Self portraits are always tricky. But as I was driving home from church, the light was just perfect. So I grabbed my camera.

...in the name of love. 

I took down my Christmas tree & cleared the perfect nook for a chair. I have the coziest dark green one there now, & it's one of my favorite spots in my room. 

I love the way wearing tights makes me feel. I feel girly & perfect & confident, for some odd reason. 

This was taken in at Huntington beach December on a California road trip with my best friend. It was cold, but so serene at the same time. 

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